Colchester Master 2500 Viceroy TDS 1/1TDL
Between Centres40" (1015mm)Between Centres24" (610mm)
Swing:- over bed13.25" (335mm)Swing:- over bed10" (254mm)
- over cross-slide8.25" (210mm)- over cross-slide6 1/2" (165mm)
- in gap19" (480mm)- in gapNA
Fitted with taper turning attachment


Union BFT 63 Horizontal Boring Machine.
Table27.937" x 35.437" (710mm x 900mm)
Boring Diametermaximum: 14" (356mm)
Facing Diametermaximum: 24.812" (630mm)
Travel:- W axis22.062" (560mm)
- X axis31.500" (800mm)
- Y axis27.937" (710mm)
- Z axis41.750" (1060mm)
Fitted with DRO, facing head, tailstock, rotary table, taper boring attachment; power feeds to all axes.


Parkson 2v Cincinnati Toolmaster
Table12.75" x 51" (324mm x 1295mm)Table10" x 42" (254mm x 1067mm)
Travel- X axis30" (762mm)Travel- X axis22" (559mm)
- Y axis10" (254mm)- Y axis10" (254mm)
- Z axis16.5" (419mm)- Z axis17" (432mm)
- Quill4" (102mm)- Quill5" (127mm)
Fitted with DRO; powered feeds to X, Y and Z axes.Fitted with DRO; powered feeds to X and Y axes, and quill.


Jones & Shipman 310T Tool & Cutter Grinder – Wide range of equipment and accessories.

Brierley ZB32/2 Drill Ginder – Capacity: 3/32″ to 1-1/4″ dia. (2.5mm to 32mm)


30 Tonne hydraulic press.

6″ Ajax power hacksaw.

We are constantly adding to our range of machine tools. Please contact us if it appears we may not have the equipment to undertake your job.